Custom Branding

Mitra Jaya Mandiri cares about your own individual desire. Having your own labelling means that you will be able to have your own individual trademark worldwide. Hence, we offer you with a special service by putting your own label on the packaging. Start designing your own packaging and branding and we will actualize them. If you do not have the time to design the packaging, we offer you with not only one or two, but we give you five optional selections for your own private packaging.

Start making your own label, select the packaging below, and let us do the rest.

For your own private labeling, you may choose from below selection of packaging designs


Wait…we offer you more. If you want your tray to look more elegant, we offer you with Hot Stamp service. With this Hot Stamp service, we can write you the product name description, item number description, color description, company label/brand description. There you go…Enjoy all the services!!!!!

From the princess of Pharaoh ...
To the Hollywood stars ...
And now, the 21st century women ...
They have one single and simple commitment ...
To have striking look ...

Every woman wants striking look. They desire luxurious, mysterious, and even temptations look. What is the simplest attribute on a face that can fulfill it? They're eyelashes. To have long and thick eyelashes are considered to be glamorous and mysterious. To actualize it, we can turn into a simple attribute, false eyelashes. By applying false eyelashes, women can stand out in the crowd.

False eyelashes are just tiny attribute on your face, yet they can make tremendous differences. False eyelashes were just a tradition back then, yet they become a fashion now. It was in 1995 when CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri saw an opportunity to fulfill every woman desire. As an eyelashes home industry, CV.  Mitra Jaya Mandiri has made commitment to facilitate the desire professionally. CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri is  not just a common eyelashes manufacturer but we appreciate women, beauty, and art. What makes us different from others? It's simple.

It's because we care about your look.

We have designed various types of eyelashes; Decorated, Carnival and Feather False Eyelashes, Flare, Single and Knot-free Eyelashes, Human Hair Eyelashes, Premium False Eyelashes and Regular Eyelashes to provide you with more options for your look. In addition, our team always makes innovations on the design to tackle the unending fashion move. But, it's not all. We also welcome your private design of false eyelashes, boxes, labeling, and packing to fulfill your individual desire.

It's because we care about our products.

We made our products 100% handmade. Yes, a complete 100% handmade!! We respect the ideas of patience and technique to create the best product. A hygiene process and a standard production of best quality because quality control are accompanying our products.

It's because we care about our services.

We start our company with 50 well trained employees to meet the customer services. With the rapid demand from the customers, today we have more than 700 permanent employees to satisfy the services.

“Welcome to CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri
and thank you for becoming our loyal customers for years.”

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