Branding and Packaging

Mitra Jaya Mandiri cares about your own individual desire. Having your own labelling means that you will be able to have your own individual trademark worldwide. Hence, we offer you with a special service by putting your own label on the packaging. Start designing your own packaging and branding and we will actualize them. If you do not have the time to design the packaging, we offer you with not only one or two, but we give you five optional selections for your own private packaging.

Start making your own label, select the packaging below, and let us do the rest.

For your own private labeling, you may choose from below selection of packaging designs



Wait…we offer you more. If you want your tray to look more elegant, we offer you with Hot Stamp service. With this Hot Stamp service, we can write you the product name description, item number description, color description, company label/brand description. There you go…Enjoy all the services!!!!!