Who We Are

Every relationship starts with a name…

CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri deals with false eyelashes manufacturing. Located in a well known district of home industry, Purbalingga, Central-Java, Indonesia, CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri is well known as an exporter of the best quality of false eyelashes. Since we believe in the ideas of patience and technique, all false eyelashes production is done by hand with high accuracy. As a result, each customer will have a maximum result of the products. CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri main productions are; Regular False Eyelashes, Premium False Eyelashes, Human False Eyelashes, Decorated, Fancy False Eyelashes, and Flare False Eyelashes to provide you with more options for your look.

 Every commitment starts but it does not end…

CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri believes that it is through customers’ satisfaction the company will grow. Therefore, CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri has put its energy and effort to satisfy the customers’ needs. With the various and personal needs from the customers, our team always makes innovations on the designs. In addition, CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri also welcomes your private design of false eyelashes, boxes, labeling, and packing to fulfill the customers’ individual desire. All of them are because one simple reason, because we have committed, we have committed to satisfy our customers’ needs. And, CV. Mitra Jaya Mandiri does not have any plan to break the commitment then, now, or in the future.

If you have made yourself a commitment to have a mutual business-yet personal- relationship, we welcome you as one of our customers.

Our motto: costumer satisfaction is our success key, product quality is our goal

Our motivation: to create qualified product and improve welfare