Flare, Single and Knot-free Eyelashes

These false eyelashes are made individually and consist of 2 to 10 ply. The individual lashes can be used permanently from 1 until 3 weeks. Without bounded head, they will free your beauty.

Flare, Single and Knot Free lashes can be customized as needed. 100 % hand made. We also developed two variants for the individual lashes i.e. the standard and advanced cutting system.

Dimension: thickness 0.11 mm
Lengths: four types of length:

  • under (8mm)
  • short (10 mm)
  • medium (12 mm)
  • long (13 mm)


  • Classic Flare (5ply Flare Lashes
  • Ultra Thick Flare (8ply Flare Lashes)
  • Super Thick Flare (10ply Flare Lashes)
  • Single Lashes
  • Classic Knot-free (5ply Knot-free Lashes)
  • Ultra Thick Knot-free (8ply Knot-free Lashes)
  • Super Thick Knot-free (10ply Knot-free Lashes)